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Exciting novelties at the FlowerTrials® of Syngenta FloriPro Services


This year Syngenta FloriPro Services will show lots of exciting new products and concepts at their FlowerTrials® location in De Lier (The Netherlands).


Based on their belief ‘Together we can change the industry’ the company would like to invite growers, wholesalers and retailers to share their ideas during the show. Over the past year the company has implemented innovative concepts and integrated solutions for growers. Equally interesting to see will be the progress of campaigns such as EVERYDAYWONDER™ and MultiColours.

Innovative, Irresistible MultiColours
MultiColours are colourful mixed combinations which bring great benefits - from grower to consumer. A wide range of tried and tested mixes are sure to impress and are a real eye-catcher in-store. MultiColours ensure easy production, a high level of appeal at point-of-sale and prolific flowering in gardens. They will appeal to both impulse buyers and regular customers alike.

MultiColours focus on multiple types of combination including mixes of cutting- and seed-raised varieties delivered as three single plugs. During the FlowerTrials® 2016, FPS will present a unique, broad range of colourful combinations from different product lines.

New introductions
Among many other novelties, an outstanding introduction to be featured at FlowerTrials® 2016 is Begonia semperflorens Topspin. It is the first semperflorens series which can be produced at 12°C and still reach the highest quality standards. Topspin is less cold-sensitive than other varieties, and has fewer disease problems. It has the best uniformity within and between colours and is extra-fast and early to flower, making it ideal for early sales.

Pelargoniums have been one of the main products within the FPS range for many years. FPS plans to launch groundbreaking new Pelargonium varieties in the near future, starting with the introduction of the new peltatum series during the FPS FlowerTrials® 2016. Named Super Cascade, it will be available in three new striking colours - Red, Rose and Salmon. It has a great branching habit and therefore just one cutting or young plant is needed to fill a pot.

FPS's premium genetics Pelargonium Interspecific Hybrid Caliente and Calliope will attract attention at the show. Moreover, there will be first-class mass-market, early flowering series Pelargonium zonale Tango with intense dark foliage,available in a wide range of colours! .

The Syngenta FloriPro Services FlowerTrials® will take place in the Westland
region of the Netherlands at:

Syngenta Seeds Young Plant Production
Noordlierweg 14,
2678 LV, De Lier,
The Netherlands

14 - 17th June 2016 | 8.00am - 6.00pm